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Lifetime Success Club

Do not confuse motion and progress. A rocking horse keeps moving but does not make any progress. Alfred A. Montapert

The Lifetime Success Club is an easy solution for your ongoing education and inspiration to help you be the best you can be! If you are just getting started on the journey to a happier and healthier life or you are well on the way, the Lifetime Success Club is for you.

You will receive weekly doses of inspiration, private invitations to member led forums, a discount on our 1 Life Do It Now annual conference, your own copy of the 1 Life Do It Now magazine (three copies a year) plus our monthly downloadable audio interview series. The interview series will contain some valuable discussions and the magazine will contain worthwhile articles from some of the world’s leading authorities on money, health, relationships, parenting and happiness!

You never know who or what is going to be presented to you in life to teach you exactly what you need to learn in that very moment. Perhaps one of our videos will inspire you, or you might get a life-changing idea from a podcast or a tip from an article could just make life a little easier.

If you have made the decision to live your 1 Life to the full and you want to continue on this journey of learning and discovery, then consider signing up to the Lifetime Success Club for only $10 per month.

Join now by completing the form in the right hand side bar . Once you have completed this form a staff member from the 1 Life Do It Now team will contact you to arrange payment and your first instalment of education and inspiration.

Price: $99.00
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